When to Consult a Spinal Stenosis Lawyer

Spinal stenosis is a painful condition. The intense and recurring pain is caused by the narrowing of the nerves and spinal canal. There are several factors that lead to the condition. People more than 50 years of age are susceptible to it. The other factors are arthritis, heredity, spinal tumors and trauma resulting from accidents.

The most common symptoms of Spinal stenosis are intense pain in the lower back area as well as in the legs, loss of muscle power, and tingling sensations in the legs. Sufferers can also have difficulty walking, become clumsy and may fall frequently.

People with the condition can file disability claims with the Social Security Administration (SDA). They only need to show that it's difficult for them to walk without a walker or crutches, that they feel constant pain triggered by a compressed nerve; pain in the buttocks, lower back, and thighs and medical imaging supporting stenosis diagnosis.

There are cases when claims are rejected. This is the reason why before filing claims, it's best for people to consult a spinal stenosis lawyer for assistance. These lawyers from https://www.lawsuitlegal.com/spinal-cord-injury.php specialize in helping people diagnosed with spinal stenosis get claims from SDA. They have ways of working around the law since they know that even less serious cases of stenosis can be classified as disability as long as sufferers can show that the condition affects their job performance. There is no reason to suffer through the pain and get fired to boot. With disability check, sufferers take much needed rest and seek proper treatment.

The assistance and expertise of a spinal stenosis lawyer is even more needed with the condition is triggered by trauma caused by accidents. The injury law states that aggrieved parties are entitled to loss of income compensation along with medical assistance and compensation for pains and suffering.

People who have figured in accidents through the fault of others and showing symptoms of spinal stenosis should immediately consult a stenosis lawyer. He or she will help walk them through the process of filing injury claims including loss of income compensation in court and disability claims with the SDA later on if the injury is determined to have caused a serious spinal stenosis condition. You can also learn more about injury law by checking out the post at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdKcddT2pa0.

There are many lawyers and disability lawyers. If you find it difficult to walk around or feel constant pains in your lower back, thighs and buttocks, whether caused by an accident or not, consult a stenosis lawyer from https://www.lawsuitlegal.com/spina-bifida.php at once.